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Interfaith Education Ministries

The Interfaith education ministries are an organization that provides evaluation of the education and professional standards and practices of schools that teach religion.  Most recently the Interfaith Education Ministries have started to evaluate distance learning.  Distance Education is a wonderful opportunity to promote interfaith principles, tolerance and understanding within the schools of many different religions.  It is through distance learning that students are provided with real interaction with the topics they are learning about.

Interfaith Education Ministries specializes in accreditation for private or non-traditional schools.   All evaluations are non-denominational and they accept the world’s many different religions and faiths.  They are one organization that helps regulate places of religious teaching with a non-skewed point of view.

If you are interested in the interfaith movement and what it means for students and adults all over the world, you may be interested in The Thirteenth Apostle by Arkady Povzikov.  This book takes an interesting objective view at the various issues that are affecting the young members of our society on a daily basis. 

One especially important thing to note is the impact that education can have on religious tolerance and discovery.  If children through college students are taught about different religions starting while they are still young, tolerance will seem second nature to them.  If children are the future of the world, this makes The Interfaith Education Ministries that much more of an important resource.   If we as adults set good examples for children to reinforce what they are taught the effects could be viral.  Peace is certainly possible and the Interfaith Education Ministries is helping to make that a reality.

If you are interested in an example-based display of interfaith principles, you can get a copy of The Thirteenth Apostle online.